Free eBook Mindfulness Steg for Steg


This popular ebook gives you a personal introduction to mindfulness – conscious presence. You get effective tools to create a more attentive life. With mindfulness, wherever you are, you can get more focus and increased relaxation. ivermectin 1.87 paste for cats Step by step, you are introduced in a new way of being. You then have the tools with you everywhere. ivermectin dosage for cows
The book is richly illustrated with the author’s own photographs, inspirational texts and quotes.
Number of pages: 108 in color.
Votes on Mindfulness step by step:
“… a rich source of inspiration. Are you curious about what mindfulness is and looking for an introduction, or do you already practice mindfulness but want to deepen your internship? Regardless of which, I highly recommend Mindfulness step by step. liquid ivermectin for curing mange in foxes The rating will be five mindfulness watches of five possible! ”
– Martin Ström, psychologist and author of Focus on the job,
“With beautiful pictures taken by Johan Bergstad himself, wise words and small exercises, it’s a book to sip on occasionally. Take a little bit at a time, enjoy, rest, find your own way. ”
– The magazine HEALTH No. 5, 2010
“This book I think will be very useful to many people. The photos are wonderful! ”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor Em, Center for Mindfulness (USA)
“Mindfulness step by step is a small masterpiece. Johan Bergstad describes the essence of mindfulness simply, clearly and in a way that touches the heart. ”
– Sara Emilionie, mindfulness and yoga therapist, founder of MIMY.
“This is a real gem. Beautiful in every way, for both content and form. ”
– Andries J. Kroese, Professor, Scandinavian Center for Awareness Training
“A very beautiful book. It really invites you to read. Beautiful pictures and the author make the most important thing. ”
– Anna Kåver, psychologist, psychotherapist and author
“Very beautiful book!”
– Ola Schenström, doctor and author, Mindfulnesscenter
“This book is absolutely wonderful. So beautiful, inspiring and humble. ”
– Mia Skimmerstrand, coach, director and yoga teacher
»Mindfulness step by step is a real gem. Very professional done! ”
– Peter Elmberg, artist, Mundekulla course and retreat farm